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Ready, Set, Adopt!

Wise adopters plan ahead. Here you’ll find ideas for preparing your home for your new dog, as well as crate training, treat selection and reinforcement, and integrating her with other pets.

Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting – and stressful – events in any household. These posts discuss good parenting tips for socializing, naps, feeding, potty training, health and confidence.

Life Skills

Dogs are smart and adaptable, and most are very interested in pleasing their humans. But, they have a lot to learn about being successful in our human world. As responsible owners, we must teach them human etiquette – basic skills like coming when called, sitting to greet, settling, feeling comfortable when being handled for grooming and vet visits. Read here for more on these topics.

Doggy Diary

This is the place to read about life’s fun stuff. AROOOOO!


You wouldn’t be a true dog owner if you didn’t run into problems once in a while. Here are some ideas and resources to help with nerve-wracking problems like separation anxiety, chewing, jumping, barking, chasing and house-soiling.

Great Gear

Shopping for dog supplies can be daunting. The options seem endless. What are some great collars, leashes, crates and toys to consider? Read about them here.

Public Appearances

You love your dog, and she’s great at home. But she turns into Godzilla on the street. What can you do? Find ideas here for improving street manners, being around other dogs and getting past scary things.